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ALAN PAINE Parka - Mens Fernley Waterproof - Pesto

ALAN PAINE Fernley Parka - Mens Waterproof - Pesto

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ALAN PAINE Parka - Mens Fernley Waterproof - Pesto

It’s always helpful to have a super lightweight waterproof to hand, which you can pop into your bag or keep in the car should the weather suddenly change. The Alan Paine Fernley parka packs a punch with its all-weather performance protection.

A L L  W E A T H E R  P E R F O R M A N C E

• Waterproof - Heavy rain protection
• Fully Lined – Waterproof drip strip & taped seams.
• Breathable – Allows body moisture to evaporate.
• Detachable Hood.


• Snap-fastened Double Front Closure.
• Snap-fastened Cuffs.
• Cross Back Air Vent.
• Fishtail Parka Back.
• Underarm Ventilation Eyelets.
• Machine Washable.

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